Liquid Termite Bonds

Termites can cause a considerable amount of damage to your home  Don't leave your home untreated!  Have you already found evidece of termites?  Are you selling or buying a home and need a termite bond?  Dave's Pest Control can help you wth all of your termite needs at the best prices!

Liquid Termite Treatments

This is the process in which we apply a liquid termiticide along the exterior foundation walls of your home to create a continuous barrier against termites. This involves digging a small trench in the soil around the base of your home and drilling and treating holes through all slabs poured adjacent to the foundation. Afterwards, all holes drilled will be sealed.  


*If drilling is not for you, click here for more inforamtion on termite bait stations. 

Liquid Termite Pre-Treatments

This process involves treating when your house is in the process of being built. This service can be done at several different phases in the building process. It is most effective when treating the gravel before the concrete has been poured. 

Annual Inspection

Don't neglect your annual termite inspection.  In order to keep your home protected and your termite bond current, Dave's Pest Control will inspect your home thoroughly each year.

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Termite Bonds