Baiting Termites

Termites can cause a considerable amount of damage to your home  Don't leave your home untreated!  Have you already found evidece of termites?  Are you selling or buying a home and need a termite bond?  Dave's Pest Control can help you wth all of your termite needs!

Baiting systems such as sentricon, firstline, hexapro and xterra:

Bait stations have risen in popularity for 2 main reasons. 1) The installation of bait stations avoids the major concrete drilling that is required for a liquid treatment. 2) Bait stations can eliminate termite colonies in your yard before they reach the perimeter of your home. 
Termite Baiting is the process in which bait stations are placed around the perimeter of the home to keep a much closer eye on the termite activity going on around your house and respond accordingly. This service requires inspection of the stations around your home every 3 months and inspection of your house once per year. 

Call today to schedule your termite bond and see if baiting termites is right for you: 205-567-2239
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Termite Bonds